I want my art to evoke a feeling and an emotion in the individual. I am a believer that you cannot put thought into the art you like as a viewer - you go with what your instincts tell you regarding what you do and don't like. This mirrors how I paint- with little thought and room for the head to create a story but more so let the heart take the paint where it wants to go and allow what is created to appear with minimal control.

About the artist:

Lou is an Australian based Artist using mixed media on canvas and linen and studied Visual Arts at Monash University, Australia.

Lou sells paintings around Australia and the world to private homes and businesses. Her works have been sent to Sweden, UK, America, Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, Germany, Luxembourg & Switzerland. Her requirement for commissions has been vast and varied from Sydney radio stations to Green Art Gallery (Dubai) and the Australian Event Centre. Her pieces have been featured on Australia’s highest rated television renovation show as well as '60 minutes' (Australia). Europe’s largest online gallery labelled her as among the top 5% of best-selling artists on their platform.

Unfortunately due to Covid, Lou’s exhibitions she was due to be part of (‘The Other Art Fair, Sydney, Australia March 2020 and March 2021) were postponed so Dec 2021 'Oratory of Passion' @ The Basilica of Sant'Ambogio Milan (represented by Jelmoni Gallery- Italy)  Jan 2022 'Paris International Art Fair' (represented by Monat Gallery, Madrid- Spain) will be her first.

"The inspiration for each painting comes from a gut reaction and instinct to an abstract interpretation of the world I live in. With my portraits, I connect with each and every person I paint, without ever meeting them. Something in a photo will instantly jump out at me and I see the final painting in my mind well before I even pick up a brush. Painting is second nature to me. Rather than it being a thing I do, it is a place I go. Like a pair of old slippers, once the brush is in my hand it feels like home. It is as familiar as breathing. Knowing I am keeping the memory, name and talent of my dad, Robin Arthur Sheldon (23.01.44-21.04.83) alive, it makes it all the more enjoyable, meaningful & worthwhile."