About artist:

Michelle Schütz was born in Germany and grew up in South Africa. She has experience in art and design and won the art award for her studies on xenophobia in South Africa. She later went on to study ancient art, psychology, and cultural anthropology at the University of Stellenbosch. Michelle uses these subjects in her artwork combining socio-political and emotional reactions within her environment. She has been painting for years and has been inspired by many South African artists such as Irma Stern, and Penny Siopis and international artists such as Cy Twombly and Anselm Kiefer. Michelle captures emotional reactions through composition, colour, and texture. There are often elements of South African culture and often feels her emotional relations to her environment have an impact on her artworks. Not only does she create abstract scenes but constructs a complete concept study behind the work. This includes influences from ancient sculptures and artefacts. Michelle currently lives in Lisbon and paints in her studio from home

Artist Statement:

Michelle Schütz explores texture with various mixed media, including impastos of acrylic paint, glue, ink, spackling paste and soil. By providing texture onto a canvas it allows movement and depth to show in the art. This allows the viewer to engage on an emotional level and to analyse the work by conceptualising its texture. Michelle uses texture to evoke sensory and emotional responses of not only her own experiences but to place an emphasis on the story of the art created.