I am trying to describe the human nature as I see it, because it is what interests me the most. Human beings search to find their place, and to whom they belong. Some are seeking in the desperation while others do it without any obvious problems. Human beings in different sizes and ages! As we, all need a companion, relationship and searching for acceptance... I like all the existing colors, and I like to paint the human body more in abstract form. It joys me more when I work with big canvases.

About the artist:

Born in 1959 in Norway, Aase Solem studied art in Ecole Nationale Superieure, des Beaux-Arts in Paris, one year of Drawing, Atelie Contrepoint 17, Paris, one year of Graphic, Oslo Art and Design Academy, Four and a half years including custom design and finished academy in 1999. She has lived in Denmark for 12 years and participated in seven exhibitions such to mention Autumn Exhibition in Jylland and Esbjerg Culture Week etc.