Sorin, Park


About the artist:

Graduate school of Fine art, Hongik Univ. Painting major, Seoul. Korea

< group exhibition >

2021.07.18.-07.30 Hongik University Graduate School of Art's painting major exhibition, "Sense Forest". [Art Factory]

2021.08.04.-08.10 The first Hongwoo Conversation

2021.08.19.-08.22 IHAF : International Hotel Art Fair [hotel-interburgo]

2022.01.11.-01.19 The 2nd Hongwoo Conversation [Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum]

2022.01.28.-02.03 "I", THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME 2022, International Contemporary Art exhibition - [M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, ITALY(Milano), SPAIN(Fuerteventura)]

2022.12.28. (schedule) “BRAIN CAKE” International Art exhibition [La pedrera, SPAIN(Barcelona)]



Humans are made up of very small cells. The motif of my work is cells. I want to express my invisible existence in abstract images. It expresses the memory of human cells in a way that alive and moving vitality. The conflicting concepts of 'cells' in the micro-world and 'space' in the macro-world interact and influence each other. It is reminiscent of these shapes and produces transparent, noble, and mysterious paintings.