Stefano Paulon


About the artist:

Stefano Paulon (Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Milan – 1963) is an artist, author and designer.

He has an academic background and professional experience in the industrial and marketing sector, and his interest in art pushes him towards a subjective study of art history and literature.

From the drawing to the lines that envelop the analysis of the human figures and the development of complex geometrical structures, he subsequently shifts his focus on the designing of interior decor  and the production of architectonic concepts for private and public spaces. 

Later on his expressive language leads him to the treatment and shaping of surfaces, to the multidimensional composition, installations, and their dialogue with the surrounding environment.

Contemplation, sensibility, abstraction, spirituality, and silence all amalgamate in his own personal minimalist vocabulary, which alludes to the analysis and the relation between solids and voids, positive and negative, material and immaterial.

In 2019 he started the gathering, configuration and cataloguing of all documentation and the research and experimentation work with the aim of creating catalogue raisonné and an archive.

His works has been exhibited in private e public location in Italy and other countries.

Lives and works between Milan, Como and Finale Ligure.