Stephan Müller


About the artist:

Born in Rodalben / Germany, studied at the university from 1992-1996 Koblenz-Landau and from 1999-2000 the Academy of Fine Arts of the university Mainz. 2000-2007 a teaching position for nude draw at the University of Koblenz Landau. In 2007 he got the second prize at the Sparkassen Youth Art Prize Pirmasens / Zweibrücken. In 2018 he is the first prize winner in the Sculpture category in the Alzey / Wörth Art Prize.

Wood is the material that Stephan Müller is primarily concerned with.

It is consciously in his interest to observe, appreciate and use the obstinacy of the log and the uniqueness of the wood. At the same time it is working against the natural. Chips have to fall before the art object comes into the world. In the foreground is a dynamic of balancing, as he puts it, playing with equilibrium. Bringing unstable conditions into balance, because his sculptures require a stand. This applies in a figurative sense to our actions as people. Be it with and with one another, be it with a view to our environment.

It is similar in painting. His starting material is the blank canvas in different sizes. But here too he tries to give expression to the human figure. His tools are paintbrushes, paint rollers and more. His means of expression are water, acrylic paints, bitumen, coal and more. Spatiality and volume are created through the interaction of surface and line.

Stephan Müller focuses on the outside. The artist, the person is a part and creator of his living space. He directs his gaze to the outside. Most of the time we find people in Stephan Müller, often as portrayals. Supporting people who carry others. Interpersonal relationships as well as the dynamics of cooperation are essential coordinates of his art.