I experimented with all kinds of materials and substrates, including cement, resin, oil paint, and encaustic, before deciding to work exclusively in acrylic and charcoal on canvas, linen, or Arches Cover paper. I use abstraction instead of referencing recognizable elements so that I am able to improvise. I can focus on lines, shapes, and textures freed from the constraints of figurative forms or narrative depictions. With these formal elements of my medium in mind, I develop simple compositions that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on the pre-visual images in my mind’s eye. Instead of remembering pictures, I visualize shapes and colors, and many of my paintings are materializations of these memories. While my style is unique, I am inspired by Japanese watercolor, Chinese landscape, and abstract painters.

About the artist:

Jesselle Sue is a San Fransisco-based abstract painter who works primarily in acrylic and charcoal. She was born in 1992, in Hubei, China, and raised by her foster father. She was blessed to be surrounded by creative people in her youth, and she was encouraged to pursue visual art throughout her childhood and teenage years. Independent and uninhibited, she left home as a teenager and lived in many Southeast Asian countries before moving to the United Stated to where she now sojourn in San Francisco, California.

She has developed her own style as a painter through practical experience, learning through trial and error, and studying Japanese watercolour artists, Chinese landscape artists, and abstract painters. At the beginning of the lockdown, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career as a abstract painter full-time and has expanded her creative practice to focus on painting. Since then, she has spent every day painting in her studio overlooking the sparkling waters of the San Francisco Bay. Here the ever-present sunshine and wildlife provide the quiet she needs to focus on her work.