Rafa Tom


About the artist:

As a professional fine artist, graduated from the college of fine art, also having another degree in art education, also was an art educator and art programs organiser in schools I worked with, I am able to adapt to any art style and work in different materials and medium also I am able to do different styles in my paintings and mixing different art schools in a modern way as contemporary art and modern impressionism.

My inspirations are the Art Masters: Monet, Manet, Renoir, Dégat, Van goch, Picasso, Delacroix and Micheal Angelo.

Following the art schools of: Impressionism, expressionism, Cubism, Kandensky, Abstract and Classic Art.

In my paintings,  I am using now more Acrylic paints also I use oil paints and mixed medium on canvas; Also I am adding texture sometimes with different artworks as composition and landscapes.

I love landscapes , still lives, and abstract themes, also recently I am doing some fluid arts as now there is a lot of new art materials and paints introduced in the art market for artists to try new artistic creations and inventions in the art world.

I like to spread in my artwork positivity and happiness and make sure that my artwork is perfect before displaying it in an exhibition; I try always to use elegant colours and happy colours as I do not like to spread sadness in my artwork.

I want to add also, that I like pastels, charcoals and water colours and  love to work with these art medium. Also I love to do animal portraits as horses and falcons and human portraits.