Valerie Vandermotten


About the artist:

My painting is my way to express my feelings. In this journey, I am inspired by the colours themselves, memories of places and nature. I combine colours to find some harmony that follows the philosophy impermanence of life. I look for subtle depth and light together with overlapping gestural marks in a overall composition. I work on linen with acrylics which help me to play with spontaneous and controIled brush strokes and to explore balance between rhythms and disruption, absence or presence of perspective, colors tension and colors shading. I apply one color at time to play with the desired level of energy I want to obtain. My paintings are mostly large and aimed at achieving beauty and a visual sensory that is meditative and vibrant. I am an artist engaged to add poetry life.


Born in Brussels (Belgium), in 1973, Valerie J.A. Vandermotten is an emerging an awarded artist living and working in South of Brussels.

She started a regular art practice in 2009 by attending art classes at Ecole d'Art d'Uccle and Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Wavre. There, she learned drawing, art history, the old masters painting technique and the traditional subject matters. 

In 2011, she moved to California (Cupertino and San Francisco) where she has been living for 8 years. She continued her art education at the Pacific Art League School (Palo Alto), and Stanford University (Palo Alto). In 2017, she earned a Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Arts with a focus on Painting and Printmaking at UC Berkeley Extension (San Francisco).

A year later, Valerie J.A. has been finalist of the Bay Area Masters competition organised by the Peninsula Museum of Art. 

Since September 2021, she is an MFA candidate in Painting at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

Her work has been exhibited in Belgium, Italy, Germany and California and is part of private collections in Washington, San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley and Belgium.