My art is about exploring the fact that the imaginary world is not completely imaginary. In fact, it might be as real as the ‘normal’ world is. The artworks are silent and visual witnesses of this exploration. They tell you about a world that officially doesn't exist. The power lays in knowing, but not speaking out loud. Showing, but not telling. I am inspired by the power of myths, stories, fiction and fantasy. I tell stories by being a visual artist and a content creator.

About the artist:

Kerstin Vogel  is a traditional to abstract painter. She attended different art academies through the years taking part in several art group exhibitions and had solo exhibitions in the Netherlands. During the years, she found that combining painting and photography provided her the right visual tools for expressing her vision and creating a new visual language.

She selects small pieces of photographs and paint with them the way she would do it originally. Also she paints with the brushes that the digital world provides: brushes that are not meant to be brushes, they are meant just to be effects, filters and modes. But she uses them as traditional paint brushes. The visual language gives her the opportunity to tell a story without words, which to her is one of the most powerful ways of storytelling. 

Being an abstract painter from origin, she kept exploring forms, materials, shapes, colors in order to find a new abstract art language. At one point she made the switch to painting digitally finding the extra depths and possibilities she was looking for. Painting digitally she used the painting techniques she used to use in the old days with real acrylic paint. She combines old fashion painting techniques, with digital painting techniques and also with photograph techniques. 

Every artwork is created on satin paper, with on top of it an acrylic, transparent layer, which has the look and feel of a picture behind glass. The underground is made of a firm dibond.