Wim Zorn


About the artist:

Abstract painter Wim Zorn is a true studio painter. His workshop is  both a delivery room and a laboratory. In this space, he creates an autonomous world of materials, form and colour, in which spactial experiences are combined with physical precense. His paintings are changing rooms and add something to it. There spatial experiences go hand in hand with physical aura.  Their physical precense is inseparable from their tactile component. The sense of touch is continually stimulated.  Zorn's abstract paintings  are truly non-representational but never devoid of life. The surface of the paint shimmers and vibrates. Irregularities, rough skin, and jagged edges ameliorate the severity. They betray human intervention and emphasize that the abstract concept has not been generated by a computer, but by a creator of flesh and blood. Maybe it is like a hide-and-seek game when an artist creates something so cool and collected on the surface while the piece is boiling inside. It brings the viewer where she or he supposed to be: in an active communicating stand. The viewer understands that art also creates space in his or her own mind...


Bologna Italy/Galleria de Marchi

Florence Italy/Biënnale

Las Vegas/USA Southern Nevada Museum

New York/ USA Broadway Gallery

New York/USA Slem Governors Island

Halen/Belgium Galerie De Souvereine

Gent/Belgium Lineart

Antwerpen/Belgium Art Event

Brussels/Monat Gallery

Dubai/Madinat Jumeirah, Art Acquire Exhibition

Hamburg/Germany Gallery Marziart

Mannheim/Germany Gallery Böhmer

Madrid/Spain Monat Gallery

The Netherlands/ Galerie Terbeek, Peter Leen, Ariane and exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht etc.