Wioletta Jaskólska


About the artist:

Contemporary artist. Graduated Fine Arts at Pedagogical University in Olsztyn in 1993 and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin in 1999.
Doctorate in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2003. Habilitation at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2010.

Professor at the Arts Institute in University of Warmia and Mazury
in Olsztyn.
In 2021 awarded a grant of the academic title of Professor in the Field
of Fine Arts and Preservation of Monuments of arts from the President of the Republic of Poland.
In the art career she had worked several times as a curator of many outdoor plain airs and exhibitions.





As a painter I create the artworks based on my personal experience, places and feelings.
Through the multiple compositions I express lively relations in between the past which is contained 
 in presence, and having an influence on the future. The order my artworks become not only a record, reflection of change, but also a guideline.

In this visual investigation I built a retrospective seeing life through only two colours, black and white.
I believe those opposites have the most strength and attraction, creating an unique visual tale.