Yoichi Miyaoka


About the artist:

I (Yoichi Miyaoka) was born in Ehime, Japan.

I studied the basics of sculpture at Aichi University of the Arts, sculpture department, where I initially worked on figurative sculpture, but gradually became fascinated by abstract representations and attracted to stone.

After graduating from the university, I improved my skills at the granite quarry and the stone factory, and created numerous sculpture artworks by commissions from all over Japan.

My expression is broadening by working with wood and clay recently.

I participated in a lot of group exhibitions and sculpture symposiums, solo exhibitions and won an award in an International Sculpture Competition of the Awaji Flower Festival(Japan Flora 2000).  In the same year, my winning sculpture became a permanent exhibition.

Currently, I live and create artworks in Beppu-city, Oita which is famous for hot springs.