About artist:

I have worked as a corporate illustrator, graphic designer, and video production.

Currently, while working as a graphic designer based in Kobe, I am also sharing my watercolor artworks on SNS.

Artist's statement:

My name is Yone, born in 1991. I am an artist based in Kobe, Japan.

I work mainly with watercolor, sometimes mixing it with colored pencils, oil pastels, and ballpoint pens.

What I am interested in and paint is "nobody" but someone. The model of the person depicted in the colorful painting is not a specific person.

There is a Japanese saying, "SODE FURIAU MO TASYO NO EN" ("Sodefuri Au moth"). It means that even something as trivial as touching each other's sleeves on the street is due to a karma from a previous life. The model is that karma. I get vivid inspiration from that karma and pursue it in my art.