Yuan Rong Zhang


About the artist:

I am influenced by the philosophy of Tao.
The origin is abstract; the forms are my interpretations of the world.
Chaos, nature, and entropy inspire me in my daily life. I work to achieve the sincerity of imperfection.

Artist Bio

Yuan paints mainly with acrylic on linen. Starting from layers of wash and impasto, she gradually develops concepts out of chaos and disorder.

The philosophy of Tao, cave paintings, Edvard Munch, and Picasso are Yuan’s main influences. Bleak lands, bare rocks, mountains, and storms are some revisited objects in her work.

By observing what’s under the surface and seeking the truth behind the phenomenon, Yuan cuts off all the decorating elements, using precise strokes and minimal palette that allow the paintings to achieve their essence, establishing a connection to the origin and the primitive.

A contemporary Canadian artist born in Shanghai, Yuan moved to Europe in 2015. Her paintings are privately collected in America, China, and Europe.

Since the beginning of 2021, Yuan started to create a series of paintings entitled ‘Our Ancestors’, a collection of paintings that evoke feelings of and connections to ancient lands, animals, and people.

She is currently living and working in Luxembourg.