The experience of indescribable sensations is the core of my creation. These things can be anything at all. Wonder, love, happiness, and lightness, for example. When gazing at my artwork, I encourage everyone to enter their own universe and experience it. Instead of instilling preconceived conceptions in the subconscious mind, I want everyone to be able to experience the freedom of their own perception. This is why I let each person interpret the paintings in their own unique way. Well-known ancient art concepts and masters' teachings are one of the greatest ways I can explain my work. The Chinese teaching of spiritual resonance, that of the ancient 6th century scholar Xie He, is quite close to my heart. Another great principle of mine is a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci: "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."
Acrylic pouring and Dutch pouring are two of my techniques. I utilize acrylic paint and a pouring medium as my materials. I would use a hairdryer or blow on the paint with a dutch pour.


About the artist:

Zephira is a contemporary abstract artist that creates infinite art that is meant to be experienced on an individual basis without any preconceived concepts or limitations. Each individual can have their own set of images, feelings, and thoughts. The paintings themselves are a one-of-a-kind experience. Even the titles of the paintings are only indications of their creation order. N°10, for example, is the tenth painting ever created in a literal sense. This aids in the eradication of subconscious assumptions when looking at each picture. The artist has already established the groundwork for this overall experience by expressing her joy in the creative process. Zephira wishes to spread happiness on all spiritual levels and to share the joy of indescribable sensations that are impossible to put into words and can only be felt.

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