Anna Sophia Rydgren


About the artist:

B. 1972 Sweden
Anna Sophia Rydgren aka ARY is a Swedish visual multidisciplinary artist that mainly works with her minimalistic style.
She now lives in Stockholm where she has her own studio ARYART Studios after being educated in interior design abroad as well as garden design.

Her often monochromatic pieces are inspired by nature’s organic forms and strong lines that give calm och dynamic references.
Coming from a background in interior design, media, and marketing ARY felt a need to go back to something slower and reconnect to materials from her childhood.

Her exploring mindset is strongly influenced by growing up in a creative family with her grandmother that was an amateur painter in oil and teacher in dressmaking as well as the closeness to nature.
As a child ARY spent a lot of time in her family’s studio, losing herself in art and textiles, making her own collages and paintings from a very early age.

The Scandinavian heritage is shown in her work as well as the background in interior design.

ARY is allowing her shapes and textures to express themselves in relation to other pieces and there is an awareness of the materiality in her work which awakens the inner senses. Every layer, wave and fold has been thoughtfully and carefully shaped into place by hand – letting the light contrast with the shadows ,and letting the texture give the creations life.

ARY's creations invite us to reconsider what is important and to lose ourselves in the artwork, to meet quietness and calmness by extracting the outside busy world. It's an discreet elegans that emerges through the artworks that ARY is creating.
Her work is asked for all over the world and she has exhibited for e.g in London, Paris and Milan and is now considered as a strong emerging Scandinavian artist.