Antonella Quacchia


About the artist:

"Every canvas conceals a harmony of its own. The artist's gesture reveals it.

"Through a journey in my 'Floating Forms' series I would like to invite people to rediscover familiar objects, people and everyday gestures in an almost dreamlike dimension. 

My works attracts from afar with their contrasting masses, then, as one gets closer, a world of shapes, colours and details reveals itself. It tickles the imagination, inviting to confront the painting directly. Let the curiosity lead you into this enchanted place, and give free rein to sensations, thoughts and emotions.

I like to think of my paintings as a connector between my inner world of curiosity and imagination, and the public who enjoys the works. This is why I attach particular importance to the physical display of my paintings. I believe that the direct, physical confrontation with the work of art - body to body - generates an exchange of interesting energy.

Usually at the beginning of my creative process there is not much intentionality, but rather a free flow of emotions. I like to call this stage 'chaos', but I could also call it 'chance'. Something happens on the canvas, which comes from my subconscious. Then comes a dialogue with the support, with the shapes, with the colours and a more conscious intention to make sense of the masses. And faces, characters, objects... emerge.

I feel like a sculptor who draws the shape of his statue from a marble block".