Arjeta Mala


About the artist:

Apparent and hidden Tensions of Arjeta Mala by Zeni Ballazhi Curator 

Sounds and signs, inner marked prints of a painful and happy reality lived, stamped in memory.  Inside them, there are feelings that break out in unexpected moments, but that can not be explained in terms of everyday process.  She, above all, creates space and freedom of thought, creates the opportunity for imagination to fly to reveal every color, to give works an individual name.  She intensely accords the invisible part of reality to a single space, in a specific way, which even determines her individuality.  Arjeta works with a style which is allowed by her comprehensive technical experience, highlighting an idea for art finding justification in itself.  Arjeta has created a style of relations between her and the surrounding universe, between her expressive capabilities and the quantitative dynamics of the surrounding world.  She is always in quest for the perfect harmony of shapes and lines conceived with general contrasts of life.  Thoughts that coincide with her figurative transformations of the reality where she lives.  This is the moment to show and fix the psychology of others.  So, for those who are eager to understand, it is enough to evoke in oneself a desire or a taste ... What is good is what prevails here and it does not remain anonymous.  to you. 

Philosophy of Arjeta Mala

I start the work with a drop of ink that drips onto the paper and shapes it from my breath.

And these forms that move freely on paper I often think as if they show me how I am feeling or bring out something that surprises me from the depths of my soul.  The surprise makes me happy because it is always something new that I create or the figures create something unseen by me.  And so I create and discover every time something new unseen from a drop of ink and a drop of breath from me.

Biography of Arjeta Mala

Arjeta Mala was born in Peja. (1964). She is graduated as a graphic designer in the Faculty of Arts, university of Pristine in 1987. 

Because of the war of 1999 in Kosovo, she migrates to The Netherlands, where she works as an artist.

She has participated in many collective exhibitions in Europe like Rotterdam,  Pristine, Piershil, Binnenmaas, Amsterdam, The Haque, Eindhoven, Dordrecht, Bochold, and many more.

Meanwhile she realized personal exhibitions in the Gallery of the Embassy of Albania, In Piershil, the Art Gallery of Peja Municipality, different galleries in Rotterdam, also in the Gallery of the ministry of Culture in Kosovo and many more.

Her inclinations are directed towards an abstract expressionist art with a pronounced sensitivity to the material she operates with

She works and lives in The Netherlands.