Belinha Silva


About the artist:

Since my childhood, I have been having a deep passion and love for all forms of Art. However, I didn’t study Fine Arts, but Finance and Accounting, that’s why I consider myself as a self-taught painter.

I was born in Lisbon and left Portugal as a baby. I have lived in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Greece and currently I'm back in Portugal. Throughout my life, I have been immersed in different cultures that influence my artistic style.

In 2005, I had the opportunity to discover the art that allows me to escape and flourish! I took courses in Brussels in order to learn basic techniques and it was there that I saw that this innate passion was real. This is why today I am engaged in many forms of plastic arts. I draw, I paint in watercolour, acrylic and oil, I paint on porcelain and on silk, I sculpt and I create jewellery.

I work according to the inspiration of the moment and my feelings, which are influenced by places or objects seen or imagined. Also, my creative mind allowed me to develop my own way of working, by creating my personal techniques. My goal is to use creativity to produce unusual projects in order to spread them widely. My knowledge of various techniques of art creation, as well as my desire to invent and intersect painting processes, led me not to remain in a common field of predilection, but to innovate and diversificate my artworks.

Being also a porcelain painter, I noticed that even in the 21st century, porcelain continues to be presented in its traditional and obsolete form, without having been able to evolve or modernize. This is why I decided to give porcelain painting a new life by using painted porcelain fragments in my paintings. This way, I invented a mixed technique that I call "Acrylic painting with painted porcelain fragments" which consists firstly of painting the background of the entire canvas in acrylic. Then, the subjects of the painting are created with pieces of white porcelain fragments, broken randomly by hand, painted, baked several times from 750ºC to 1000ºC, combined together and glued on the already painted canvas.

This innovative mixture of art techniques, paimñting canvas and  porcelain fragments, offers me the opportunity to develop my creativity in order to obtain a modern, inimitable, avant-gardist and contemporary art works.

I hope you enjoy viewing the diversity of my artworks, as much as I enjoy creating them…