Birgit Krins-Gudat


About the artist:

The human being - individually and also in its interactions and interdependencies - that is what occupies me. 

In my work I often start from net-like structures and organic and cell-like appearing entities. 

These do not primarily represent the biological aspect. They show symbolically and in a transferred sense the small and large action spaces of our coexistence, such as the behaviors in interacting with each other - in borderline situations, at work, in private and on the street. 

How does the individual beeing works in the larger context of togetherness? 

Which changes and developments move us and influence our community and which new things emerge from the old and the changes - what fears emerge - but also what kind of energy is released here and is leading to a change in our cultural landscape at a rapid pace. 

That is exciting! 

In my work I transform the preoccupation with these themes into large-format drawings, often in combination with experimental techniques. 

The line, the graphic fabric is very important to me. The fine mesh and the moving lines, which are layered and - on closer view - create a cosmos of structures and shapes, correspond to the complexity and diversity of people and their behavior. 

They stand for power, energy, destruction, dissolution. They are lines of life and experience. Birgit Krins-Gudat 


1965 Born in Braunshardt, Germany

1984  Baccalaureate in Tübingen;

1975-1977 Art education by Prof. Hug Mundiger, Tübingen;

1977-1986 Student of Prof. Dr. Ingenhoff - student of Willy Baumeister - in Tübingen;

1984-1989 Graduation as textile designer with diploma in engineering at the University of Reutlingen; 

since 1984 Exhibition activities;

1989-2009 Freelance work as designer;

2002-2005 University lecturer in the field of applied arts at the University of Reutlingen; 

2007-2009 Graduation in German language and literature at the University of Tübingen;

2008-2010 Graduated as an artist from the Academy of Fine Arts, student of Prof. Caramelle, examination with distinction;

2006-2016 Art teacher at various high schools in Reutlingen; member of the producer gallery Pupille, Reutlingen; member of the BDKz

2002-2019 Member of the artist community Gedok, Reutlingen;

2016 Lecturer at the academy Schloss Rotenfels to educate art teachers;

2017 Opening of the enlarged art studio in Reutlingen, increased exhibition activity;

since 2019 Member of the VBKW 


Women's Museum, Bonn

FATart, Schaffhausen

Academy of clinics, Reutlingen (Solo exhibition)

Gallery In the factory II, Kurz GmbH, Dusslingen (Solo exhibition)

Kyland Technology, Stuttgart (Solo exhibition)

Art association, Kelterberg Vaihingen Gallery Pupille, Reutlingen

Art Studio, Reutlingen (Solo exhibition)

Gedok, Reutlingen

City Hall, Reutlingen

Monastery church, Pfullingen

University of Tübingen