About the artist:


Charlotte was born in the United Kingdom and currently lives in the South East of England. Her artwork is devoted to the empowerment of the female figure in a variety of styles, showcasing the power in stances that have the ability to enable an outlet of emotion through a storytelling.

Charlotte studied art at GCSE and photography at A-level which helped train her eye, but did not make a move into the art industry until her early twenties, when posting a painting online generated a lot of unforeseen interest. From this she painted several famous icons such as; Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Cindy Crawford, before moving on to create her own compositions.

A trip to New York in 2008 heightened her senses in the power of the editorial world and stirred an influence from fashion and cultures through time. Charlotte strives to encourage the mind to read a story within a piece of art.


Artist Statement

My art merges editorial portraiture and depth of expression, working mostly in black and white acrylic to emphasise contrasting lights and illuminate definition. I like to create statements with my black and white nude art, showing a passion for the way a body can embrace emotions, bringing back the feeling, the fervour, freedom and indulgence that we should have and embody.

Recently delving into colour portraits, I developed an interest in rich skin tones and continue to focus on our human senses and sensations we experience through expression and tone of colour. This sparked further enthusiasm for storytelling, and with it, an emerging interest to progress into mythical legends and lore.

I take satisfaction in believing brush strokes are a way to visually blend the heart with the mind. I see art as celebrating the human form in all its glory, one with many depths into the ability to surface feelings, emotions, dreams, and empowerment.

In my paintings I use value to emphasise the atmosphere within the story of the painting itself, settling a mood upon the visual consumer. I believe there is a form of beauty in everything, from physical appearances to traits and morals of the human being, which, when posed in an editorial fashion, can enlighten the curious mind and awaken the inner

imagination. I find importance in dispersing the thick fog of judgement that chokes us on a daily basis, and instead, tend it with medicine of the soul’s connection with beauty, freedom of life and power of the imagination.