Darko Lesjak


About the artist:

The multi-layered oeuvre of artist Darko Lesjak is based on dynamic energy and the origins of being. The spiritual and the physical seem to strive for a close connection. The cosmos of his work reflects themes from nature, ecology and environmentalism. In the process, he creates works of art that radiate vitality and joy, but sometimes also appear monumental and mysterious.

In the foreground of his new, mystically tinged cycle, Lesjak places abstracted depictions of people with surfboards. The artist found the inspiration for his subjects in the middle of Munich. For years, an artificially created wave at the Eisbach in the English Garden has been besieged by surfers at all times of the day and night. It is an absolute highlight and extremely bizarre to watch the surfers dressed in coloured wetsuits in the middle of the deepest winter, even in a snowstorm. 

Lesjak produced a series of introspective portrayals which, despite their strong colouring, radiate a certain calm and reflection. His figures are sometimes reduced to the necessary outline, but always painted with great freedom and generous gesture. Using the old technique of resin oil painting, he brings out a perfect brilliance and luminosity in his pictures. This results in painterly exciting works of highly lively, expressive, light-filled and spiritually subtle intensity.