Painting gives me freedom to bring out my own self. I like to experiment. That gives me variety as I don't really like to paint monotonous pictures. Break the pattern and still create something unique is the way that I look at it.

About the artist:

The focus of my work is a continuous experimentation of journeying the paradigms of Abstract, reflecting on the nature of emotions by exploring intense colour, building layers and layers of dense texture, depth and meaning, using any medium which feels right in the moment (such as tissue paper, paint, paste and inks). Abstract art therefore becomes the privileged choice to visualize something that has no form, basing strength on bright, gaudy colors, which speak directly to emotion without passing through the filter of rationality.

It is no coincidence that the true, inseparable constant in my paintings is the golden colour (in the form of leaf or powder), whose nobility is used to blend and soften the disruptive emotion of colors together in a refined whole to perfectly reflect the meaning I wish to convey. The gold acts as a perfect unifying element between one color and the next.

The omnipresence of gold refers to an almost supernatural, hieratic dimension, and embodies my wish to spread a precious message of harmony and positivity, as well as testifying to a goodness of spirit and intentions that few people (endowed with "a golden aura") know.

I believe that creativity is a fruitful gift with the purpose to inspire, encourage and motivate others. My artwork is a visual story and extension of myself as I connect my creative process to the metaphor of the journey of life:
Each blank canvas is a process of building, learning, failing, trying again, and building more layers of character and depth to form the truest version of yourself.