Els Van Egeraat

Fluid art

About the artist:

My name is Els van Egeraat.

Born and raised in Bergen op Zoom,The Netherlands, with its beautiful skies.

I studied for 5 years at The Royal Academy of Art in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Painting and drawing is my life.

Having the luxuary to withdraw and express yourself .

Working for over 30 years as a children’s book illustrator my focus gradually changed towards

painting and especially experimenting with techniques and materials.

It feels like one big playground to me!

Lately  I am trying out different images: abstract forms , let myself be lead by the material :

paint, acrylic,gouache and oil, collage, ink.

My way of working is always in progress and is still developing. 

Looking for cooperation with other artists and widening my horizon.

There have been quite a number of projects en exhibitions in the past and there still are.

Never a dull moment!