Emily Latimer


About the artist:

Soaring, flying high above from place to place and back again. That’s where I find perspective. Where I come to terms with and stand in awe at the passage of time. These great leaps through the air are essentially time travel anyway, and my work is my attempt at capturing and sharing this phenomenon.

​​Era: A span of time marked by distinctive character, events, changes on earth, etc.

After stepping into a darkroom for the first time there was no turning back for Emily Latimer. Already fostering the need to create, which she inherited from her family, she found herself fascinated by the magic of painting with light and freezing a moment in time for all to share.  Hailing from Texas she continued developing her skills as an artist at the Pratt Institute in NYC and at the Academy of Art University. She came up with the name ERA Artistry as a way to connect all of her passions and to remember those that have supported her in her artistic endeavors.