Györgyi Bors


About the artist:

He was born in Hungary in 1977. The tragic early death of his mother was decisive in his life because he then grew up in state care until he was 18 years old. During his years there, he realized that he found the greatest pleasure in art.

He studied graphics for several years, but was able to really excel in painting. His master was Kálmán Gasztonyi.

A narrative painter, it is important for him to be creative about something, a feeling, a thought, an impression, or even a human quality. He creates using the tools of abstract painting. With his innovative style, he elevates experiences, feelings and thoughts to a universal level with the tools of painting that we have all experienced in some form.

His work has been successfully featured in various domestic and international competitions and exhibitions. (Budapest, London, New York, Hong Kong) His paintings have appeared in several contemporary art albums, Art Magazine, and a work can also be found in the public collection of the Hungarian Circus Art Museum.

Its expression is geometric and lyrical abstract, which strengthen its art side by side, but still organically intertwined.