Heide Art


About the artist:

I am Heide Freiwang born in a small town near Nuremberg.

Here I live with my husband and our 3 wonderful sons and their families.

Due to my strict parental home I was denied access to art.

To further my creativity during this time I learned to be a dressmaker.

After a 2-year professional stay in Kenya, I increasingly turned to painting.

Despite the fact that I have been working as an autodidact for more than thirty years, meaningful pictures with content have never been an obstacle for me.


With every cell of my body I love the abstract art.

So it happens that I also paint with my hands and feet.

To express myself better I paint mostly with large format canvases.

Oil and acrylic paints are not enough for me, so I use materials from the hardware store such as bitumen (tar road construction) construction foam, marble flour, champagne chalk as well as coffee, red wine, eggnog and much more.

I am different and that is good

Instagram: @heide_art_freiwang

Facebook : HEIDE_ART

TikTok : heide_art