Jana Kleine-Kalmer


About the artist:

Born in 1985, artist and designer Jana Kleine-Kalmer was raised in the german country side.  

She holds a degree in interior architecture and has been working in renowned design and architecture practices for more than a decade. The artist currently lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Searching for respite from the pressures of today’s world, Jana took to drawing, given her natural propensity towards a creative outlet. The work quickly evolved from an escape to pieces of art that emerged through the process: Organic Sequences. 

The artist experiments with processes and techniques that do not focus on the perfect outcome, but rather let structures unfold slowly and grow organically with the flow of the ink. Results should not be influenced or forced, the dynamic of the moment defines the drawing.

Therefore each illustration is unique and reflects her moods and tempers of the hours and days it has been created on.

The naturally developing motives are framed by static borders of basic geometric forms. This contrast of imperfect ornaments and the flawless shapes creates a balanced new whole.

Her main source of inspiration is nature and the cosmos that surrounds us. From microscopic scales invisible to the human eye to macro dimensions unimaginable to the mind. Always curious about structures and textures, Jana discovers and studies 'organic sequences' everywhere.

Her artwork has been exhibited at 

The Modern, Amsterdam 2018

Accessible Art Fair, Brussels 2019

Moon Art Fair Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg 2021