About artist:

Jiwon Jang
Born: 1984/ Hometown: Seoul /Based In: Seoul, Korea

What moves me is always my inner and emotional stimuli. I find mine in the time when I face the inside rather than any external entity. I started painting after staying at home after Covid-19 and it was just a very natural flow for me. I practiced it every day t paint what I wanted to paint, and if I saw a missing or added part in the painting I painted that day, I applied a variety of new attempts the next day. I have learned to paint in an empirical way, away from the theoretical ones. I used a lot of different materials, tried different patterns, different compositions, and layers, and repeated the colors I wanted. I believed that I would find mine in the process. I wanted a bigger and bigger canvas and expanded the scope of painting. I am faithful to my emotions when I start painting. A free touch creates overlapping layers by casually. and I get another inspiration from it and continue to painted. I usually start painting from the edges and enjoy compositions that are immersed in the center. The symmetrical structure gives stability, and the vivid and sensuous color contrast and non-formal free touch make the composition more
immersive. The emotional parts I have are revealed in the colors in the painting, and my passion is revealed through the touch. This relay, which continues without sketching. and without interruption, is also expected of me, and I also do not know exactly what kind of painting will be completed in the end. I am not obsessed with forms, and I am not interested in seeing and painting real things. I expect more stories to come out of some non-perfect non-formal ones. I want everyone to feel in their own way and to project and discover the novelty that is found in various ways in each condition through my paintings. Above all, I want to convey the passion and emotions that come from living vitality, tension, immersion, vivid color, and free touch. Even if we don't know art well, I don't think there is any disagreement that it's good to see. We are instinctively drawn to the good things. Painting is not difficult. I believe that various emotional motives, such as love, hope, passion, and happiness, that we feel are essential in life, can play a greater role through my paintings.