It has never been easy for me to talk about myself - paradoxically, this is the reason why I paint. Art makes it easier for me to express what is difficult for me to describe in words, and what I want to say about, because I consider it extremely important - about human and his nature.

About the artist:

Miroslaw is a Poland based architect that has been professionally involved in interior design for years, combining art and reality, ephemeral with material.

He's inspired by inner human emotions, the ways they manifest themselves, the masks we put on, double personalities, faces that say more than words. These are the main issues that interest him, therefore he chooses to say something about them, hoping that those who view his paintings will find the same emotion in them.

For as long as he can remember, art has been present in his life and has always accompanied him, even when he did not express myself through it. It is difficult for him to imagine reality without it and the possibility of a sense of abstraction that it gives to a person.  A world of sensations that he always refer to in contrast to everyday life, wanting to enrich his perception of the world, nourish his sensitivity and broaden his horizons when he wants to feel that no restrictions are applied to him. So, when he really wants to feel like himself - he just paints.