About the artist:

Karifurava カ リ フ ラ ワ ー Karifurawa

Przemysław Wójciak, born in 1992 in Brzeg, in the Opolskie voivodeship. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in the field of graphics. I have been fascinated by Asian culture and art since my youth. My artistic nickname comes from the very first word I learned in Japanese and means cauliflower. Cauliflower is a symbol of health, happiness and prosperity.

I am an illustrator, painter and musician. I often get my inspiration from Japanese woodcuts. My favorite artist has always been Toshio Saeki. As an illustrator, I have exhibited many times in Poland and abroad. Participation in the PicnicArt Festival in Shanghai had a great impact on my work, since I met there many artists from China and Asia and had the opportunity to visit Shanghai and take a closer look at the local culture. As an illustrator, I mainly design magazine covers and clothes patterns. One of my most interesting projects was a cooperation with the Boiler Room - an international company from the music industry for which I designed t-shirt patterns.

I also gave an interview for the It's Nice That magazine. Information about my painting exhibition at the Backwood Gallery in Malboure (Australia) can be found in the Juxtapoze magazine.

The leitmotifs of my work are mostly: naked women, fat people and vases. My paintings and illustrations are also characterized by a very limited color palette.

I also make murals - I am a co-founder of an art studio in Wrocław, which main activity is painting commercial and advertising murals.

For several years I have also been involved in music production and creating songs in the melodic techno genre under the name House Of Palms.