Kathy Stanley


About the artist:

I paint because it allows me to go deep within to a place of stillness where the chatter of the mind falls away and I sink into an inner space that is rich and full and satisfying. I started an exercise called process painting back in the 1990’s where I would paint as a meditative exercise, not to necessarily produce a work of art, but rather to work on the creative process though painting, as a healing, meditative journey and allow an expression of flow through the paint and canvas. My painting practice has evolved over the years and my acrylic paintings are created as a reflection of exploring the deep ecology notion of the ‘ecological self’: the self that recognizes its inherent interconnectedness with the more than human world. My experience is that painting is a healing tonic and a journey towards wholeness and inner aliveness. Each painting leads me on a soul journey to connect, through paint and intuitive creativity, more deeply with nature and the ecological self. I believe that nature, plus art, equals resilience and joy!