“My real studio is my head” is the guiding principle of her artistic exploration. So she uses her personal experiences and observations and makes them the motive of her work. These building blocks put them in a relationship with each other to visualize spatial phe- nomena. The expression of their ideas as a dialogue between space and perception. Thinking with the eyes and tracing their inner world, she builds the experienced in object, image and text.

About the artist:

Lausen (*1983) was born in Germany, in northern Schleswig-Holstein. Her degrees in interior design and then architecture gave her the chance to explore a whole range of artistic, philosophical and architec- tural fields in a variety of courses and seminars.

Exploring the validity of parameters - the proofing of personal meaning. The emotion. Lausen uses her perception to substantiate valid refer- ence values from things. Out of this modus operandi emerges an awareness and the boundaries of a theme. In the structure of her argumentation, Lausen uses the language of space. The knowledge from her earlier analysis is set within a formal framework. To capture and to work out the loci. Lausen builds up her own logic. In the shaping process, volume and form, structure and material are defined - the objectification. The formal decision is then enabled for the review in a dimension of light and shadow.



2021 » Dynamic Correspondence «, Nartwork a.p.s art association, Bologna, Italy / Group exhibition

2021 » ALDILA «, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Fuerteventu- ra, Spain / Group exhibition

2021 » art in mind «, The Brick Lane Gallery, Lon- don, England / Group exhibition

2021 » ALDILA «, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy / Group exhibition

2019 » Big Bang Good Bye «, Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zurich, Switzerland / Group exhibition

2019 » 5 Sinne «, Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zurich, Switzerland / Group exhibition

2019 » 10 «, Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zurich, Switzer- land / Group exhibition

2019 » Wer kann, der soll «, Kunstgruppe, Cologne, Germany / Group exhibition

2018 Artpricewinner of the exhibition «Kunst im Dolder Bad» 2018

2018 » Kunst im Dolder Bad «, Dolder Sports, Zu- rich, Switzerland / Group exhibition

2016 »Bausteine der Wahrnehmung «, collab, Zu- rich, Switzerland / Solo exhibition

2015 »Building Blocks of Perception«, Photobastei, Zurich, Switzerland / Group exhibition

2013 »Kleine Ausstellung unter Freunden« , Kunst- verein Koelnberg art association, Cologne, Germany / Group exhibition