Leena Noux


About the artist:

"It's a wonderful gift to remain unfinished in this ongoing story called life - and be able to redefine the story again and again, by painting. My work is all about deeply respecting the history while observing the future being built, mostly abstract, sometimes a figurative element."

Leena Noux was born in Northern Finland, Oulu 1970. 

"In the very early age of 6-years-old I discovered the work of Edvard Munch (Norwegian artist painter 1863 - 1944) by a picturebook, and I can say, that changed my life. I fell in love.

Since then I've been drawing, painting, studying and exploring the art world, sometimes terribly frustrated, sometimes full of joy of discovery. 

Keeping the inevitable – the death – in mind, keeps me very much alive and painting meanwhile"

Leena Noux studied art in Helsinki, the capital of Finland (Artschool MAA & Artschool Vapaa), doing both, classic drawing and painting. Since then she's has had several exhibitions in Finland, France, Italy, U.K and Germany, and her artworks have found their way to collectors homes worldwide.

Leena's favourite working technics is acrylic paint for it's versatility:

"Colour is my main tool, the water comes next. I'm eternally intrigued by the living aspect of colour when mixed with water. I try to keep it alive." 

Painting on canvas or paper, she uses mostly her hands, sponges, or even old rags to work the wet paint. Paint brushes come in only for the finitions - if needed. 

Rarely, one can also find delicately drawn charcoal lines hiding in her painting.

Today Leena Noux lives and works in Orléans. 

She's also a member of the Artistes Orléanais

100-year-old distinguished, local artist association.