Léonce Lemmens


About the artist:

Léonce Lemmens is a Dutch painter, born in Maastricht The Netherlands. 

“Painting is fun, sometimes alone and always an adventure.”

In her youth Léonce Lemmens always was drawing and painting. She wanted to become a fashion designer and studied at the Art Academy in Maastricht. Her plans changed: during her study she seized the opportunity to work at an advertising agency. A job that led her quit the Academy. After some years in the advertising/public relations world she took a different path and the next decades she had a meandering career, working in healthcare and corporate organizations.

Throughout her life, her art had been private domain. That was until 2014 when she – being an avid traveler – made a trip to the Mongolian side of the Gobi desert. This particular experience cut right through her being and reawakened whatever had drawn her to painting in the first place. Painting has her full attention ever since and she found her way in abstraction.

Léonce makes large, abstract expressionist paintings and she works with acrylics, oil, mixed textures and sometimes collages on canvas and paper. She also likes working with sand and other natural materials. Her paintings are mostly build up with dozens of layers. Applied paint gets removed again, after which new layers are created with new elements and colors. It’s a playful and inquisitive process, resulting in pieces that tell their own story.

Léonce Lemmens currently lives at the Dutch countryside, after several years staying alternately in the Caribbean and The Netherlands.

“In my paintings I try to capture the ephemeral, that which lies beyond words or reason. It just comes natural. My inspiration comes from occurrences in daily life, people I meet, contrasts spotted in nature or cities, architecture, mix of cultures. What touches my heart I translate in my paintings. I love to explore and mix colors and materials. As a result I sometimes mess up a painting, but that’s also the start of something unexpected new."