About the artist:

Artist. Designer.

Born in 1979 in Belgium, Lily Menten is an autodidact designer living in Belgium. In 2010 she established her design studio. At first focusing on event design and later specialising in commercial and brand design. During the pandemic and lockdowns, she started creating paintings and installation art.

Her inspiration comes from eighties Japanese anime, nature and geometry. She loves the contrast between sober clean lines and the colourful abundance of kawaii.

One of her signature characters is Gilly. Originally designed as a minor character for her graduation catalogue in 2003, in recent years Gilly has taken up a prominent place in her paintings and murals.

Lily’s art is happy, colourful and has a kind of childhood nostalgia that makes people smile. She started using acrylic paint on canvas and murals but soon added a 3D component to her art. Some of the materials used to add depth are paste, glitter, paper and wood.



  • 8-10th april n (UN)FAIR Milano with MONAT Gallery
  • 2022 november (dates to be confirmed) Solo Expo – Den Haag
  • 2021 The Holy Art London – Devotion
  • Capital Culture House Madrid – Serendipia
  • DDW Dutch Design Week Eindhoven Thomas More OHO with Nepe
  • M.A.D.S. Gallery Milan & Fuerteventura – Hysterica