Lize Krüger


About the artist:

My work has mainly to do with creating awareness about social issues, grief and mental health. I dive deep into my own experiences and my ability to put myself in other people's shoes to stay authentic with my expression, hoping that my audience can relate in one way or another.
To me, Art is Life, and Life is Art. It is my daily oxygen. I am adamant about finding beauty in the darkest moments and honey in the bitter chalice.

The reason why I call my work digital collages, is because I will superimpose one work over another and that gives me the accidental elements that I love to work with.
It is the same with Life - you never know what it is going to give you and you had just have to deal with it and make it work for you one way or another. As I needed to reinvent myself numerous times during my life, so I reinvent each artwork again and again.

Lize Krüger was born and educated in South Africa, where she obtained a BA degree in Fine Art. As a third and fourth year student, she won the Gregoire Boonzaaier Prize for her major subject, painting.
She had numerous Solo Exhibitions and took part in various Group Exhibitions. She also taught art classes at a facility for under 18 rape victims and at a facility for quadriplegic patients.

In 2014, she relocated to the UK where she now lives and work in the countryside of West Sussex.

  • Invited to be part of the International Art Catalog WE CONTEMPORARY, by Musa Artspace and exhibition in March 2021. Participating in the WE CONTEMPORARY artshow in Vienna in 2021
  • Invited to exhibit at the COLORIDA Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, 4-17 Dec 2021
  • Will be participating in the Spectrum Brooklyn Art Fair by World Wide Art Promotion, INC, in Sept


  • Participating in THE ARTBOX PROJECT Art Fair in Geneva ( Postponed to August 2021 ) Featured in

    THE ARTMARKET Magazine - http://

  • Commission for the Directors of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan - https://reckless- at-heligan/

  • Participating in the VALENTINE virtual exhibition by HansfordandSons-Feb2021:Valentine- 3D

    virtual exhibition by Hansford And Sons Fine Art | art.spaces | KUNSTMATRIX

  • Participating in the Venice Art Fair 2021
  • Participating in Online Exhibition Infinite Dreams by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. https:// online-exhibition-infinite-dreams/lize-kruger

  • Chosen to participate in The TOKYO ART EXPO during May 2021
  • Participating in the VAA SPRING 2021 online exhibition and chosen as one of the Curators Choice


  • Receiving the 2021 Collector's Vision International Art Award, recognising and encouraging the

    outstanding achievements and potential of today’s artists wherever they might live and work.

  • Participate in the 3rd International Fine Art Cannes Biennale during the Cannes Film Festival 2022.
  • Selected to exhibited at the FIABCN 2021 in Barcelona
  • Invited to partake in the Florence Biennale 2021
  • Partaking in the exhibition ‘SWEET LITTLE NOTHINGS’ by People&Paintings. Gallery. Received the

    Certificate of Excellence in recognition of an exceptional submission.

  • Received the COLLECTOR’S VISION International Art Award, by Contemporary Art Magazine.
  • Partake in the PHILO-POÈM Exhibition at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan.
  • Partake in the exhibition PHENOMENON at The HoleyArt Gallery in London.