About the artist:

Self-taught and passionate painter, I have been working on the material for over 25 years. From Impressionism to many other techniques, I am in constant search for novelty. Finding a way of expressing myself in contemporary art, it also allows me to create my own techniques and improve them over time.

I especially appreciate working with the material on large formats. My driving force for inspiration comes from what I observe in my daily life.

The way I look at places, at colorful atmospheres and objects inspires me, stimulates my creativity and transports me to another world, that of my imagination. All the shapes you will find in my works are the figment of your imagination, and magic happens. Each painting has its own story, the story you create, and that's why all my paintings don't have any name but are all numbered.

A simple landscape is, through my eyes, transformed, shelled, improved. The colors used are carefully chosen and well thought out in order to create a harmonious and coherent atmosphere.

I work with different techniques with various materials: pigments, inks, pastels, acrylic paints, non-woven papers, glues, resins… which can be used on supports such as wood or canvas.

This process which combines technicality, materials and colors, allows the creation of a unique piece.