About the artist:

LOUMA, pseudonym of Maria Lourdes Babasasa, is a self-taught French artist. Born in Equatorial Guinea but of Spanish origins (on her mother’s side). She spent her childhood in Guinea, her birth land, in Nigeria, where her family had to take refuge due to the consequences of a military regime in Guinea, and in Spain (historically, Equatorial Guinea was the first Spanish colony).

As a teenager, she moved to France with her family in the late 1980s. The quest for identity became a central subject, to know herself in order to accept herself and find her own place everywhere.

2020 was a decisive year: the creative desire started imposing itself, and painting became something obvious. LOUMA takes refuge behind simplicity as a way for her to transcend her frailties but, above all, she makes simplicity her leitmotif where she lets the unconscious freeing itself and going against others. Through her canvases, LOUMA reveals her true deep and intimate nature, her taste for life, the joy of the dynamic, her femininity (through her choices of colors) inspired by cubism, symbolism, naive art so as to create a dialogue with youth (her true source of inspiration).

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marialourdesbabasasa/