About the artist:

Ludwig Mannhalter is a Hungarian born abstract painter, living and working in Bad Nauheim, Germany. His highly textured paintings are executed in the impasto style, which consists of applying thick layers of oil and acrylic paint, using only a palette knife. Added structure is conveyed through craquelure and occasional scratch marks from the spatula. In the tradition of tachaste artists, namely Nicolas de Staël, shapes and reduced to blocks of colors alluding to rudimentary landscapes and architectural views. Bold tones alternating with elegant trays and beiges fill rectangular chromatic fields of varying dimensions, creating a sense of dynamism and tension. Although influenced by Art Informel and the existential philosophy of Nietzsche, Mannhalter does not like to be boxed into a category and regards as non-definable.


Mannhalter studied architecture in Budapest and later moved to Germany, where he runs his family’s leather business. He has been painting abstract art for the past fifty years. His work has recently been exhibited at the RheinMain CongressCenter and the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden and will soon be display at Danubius Hotel Gellert, in Budapest.



Ybl Miklós College of Applied Sciences-Architecture

Budapest, Hungary, 1965 - 1968

Technical College - Structural Engineering in Budapest,

Hungary, 1972 - 1975

Master / Civil Engineering in Budapest, Hungary, 1976



Congress Center, Wiesbaden

Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

Affordable Art Fair, New York

Agora Gallery, New York

Artexpo, New York

Kurhaus Baden Baden

Red Dot, Miami