I love to make abstract art and I use acrylics, to create and to be in a zone of no time and where there is no right or wrong. To be able to express myself freely and spontanious without any limitations. To be in the field where all possibilities exists and without any judgements.

About the artist:

Karin Lundberg was born 1974 in South Sweden and since she was a child she loved drawing and painting. She has been surrounded by self taught painters since she was a child and believes this is where her interest in painting started. She's a self-taught painter and has been painting more and more abstract art and semi-abstract art since 2018.

Her Empowerment series is all about retaining your power, knowing your worth and and loving yourself and she made this in form of semi-abstract art and abstract art. She loves everything about mindset and believes in the concept of combining mindset and art. She normally paints on canvas and on paper, using acrylics and different kinds of tools such as scrapers and pencils.