Malin Ask


About the artist:

Malin Ask is an artist based in Vallda Sandö, Sweden. She gives life to your walls and brings colour to your world. She was born in 1975 and lives near the sea on the west coast. Her work emerges in the black funky house on the mountain in Vallda Sandö with the sea, rocks and light as energy sources. She is inspired by her trips to France, by meetings with people, places and experiences that she has. This gives the art a wonderful drive and lots of positivity.

Malin Ask paint in acrylic and she often tries to capture different mental states that are conveyed in the eyes and different facial expressions, powerful elements on the walls in large formats. Malin has for as long as she can remember painted and drawn. With a father as an artist and a mother as a textile designer, color and form were always close at hand. Malin has participated in several exhibitions in Sweden, including the jury nominated Salon in Kungsbacka Art Gallery.


”Kullaweek” Gallery Marika Lang Kullavik
The Gallery Gothia Towers Gothenburg
Jury nominated artsalon Kungsbacka Art Gallery Art Now Gallery Gothenburg
Gallery Kim Anstensen Gothenburg
Gallery Hilmersgården Fjärås
Fortum Kungsbacka
Kulturhuset Fyren Kungsbacka
Beiersdorf Kungsbacka
Lions Särö
Jury nominated wintersalon Kungsbacka Art Gallery