Marcin Kamyk


About the artist:

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Marcin Kamyk and I am an artist from Poland living in Bayern Germany. 

Already in my childhood I was very interested in different kind of art, especially painting. 

At that time I also had my first exhibitions and took part in some contests. I studied Engineering in Cracow but never forgot my passion. Every time when it was possible I was trying to have contact with the art. I still remember an exhibition at the National Museum in Cracow in 2001 of the greatest impressionists. Looking at this great artists I started to have a dream of making beautiful artworks, making people happy by looking at it and to be renowned.  

Due to different reasons I have not painted for many years, or only doing some small pictures using simply technics and only for the family or closest friends.   

Some recent changes and occurrences in my life caused that I started to paint again using canvas and acryl paints.   

Lately I am very fascinated by pouring technics, having possibility of mixing the paints in different way and proportions gives me the possibility of creating something unique every time. 

In my artworks I express a lot of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

In April this year I presented three of my artworks during the International Art Exhibition “Romantica” in Milan.  

At the end I would like to share with you what I have heard from one of my friend who bought one of my artworks: 

“Every time when I drive back to home I imagine that I will see your artwork on my wall and I am very happy of it” 

Hearing such a words I feel myself fulfilled as an artist and I am encouraged to create more artworks.   

I invite you to open the doors of my colorful world! 

Marcin Kamyk