Marek Bogusak


About the artist:

What Eyes Don't See

I am unveiling an unseen through digital photography and state-of-the-art processing. I invite a viewer into the tale of abstraction governed by supreme laws of nature's order and harmony.

"True Real", world as we perceive it, seems to be chaotic, lawless and unpredictable. Ever since being a student of mathematics, I was attracted by the elegance and harmony of mathematical formulae apprehending the underlying order and structures of nature. That is why I love sand dunes - their perfect harmonious lines demonstrate the order of physical laws shaping them. 

In mathematics, the common thread is the search for order via abstraction. Along this way I am transforming my pictures.

Today's hi-tech camera's sensors enable recording details and colors which human eyes do not see - the "New Real". Sophisticated softwares provide all kinds of tools for uncovering, boosting and presenting the unseen. Through a lot of experimentation using creative manipulations I pursue a path from the seen entropy towards the abstract unseen.

The final work offers a narrative space of allegories, freedom of interpretation, new associations, space built on the underlying principal laws of nature's order and harmony.


Photographer Marek Boguszak was born in Prague, Czech Republic, where he still lives. Photography has been his great passion since his late teens. He received his first camera at the age of twelve when he started to experiment with photography. As a child, he was more interested in post-processing darkrooms and exploring exposures and contracts in photography than playing with his schoolmates. He started with black and white photography focusing on his country’s landscapes. His inspirations came from nature and other photographers like Josef Sudek, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz.

After graduating in mathematics Marek Boguszak worked as a sociologist and in 1990 he became an entrepreneur in the area of market research. Alongside, photography was his vocation, his passion and Marek Boguszak major method was to explore the unknown, the unseen in photography, making his photos a natural abstraction. Marek is not alone in his atelier; his wife Magda plays an essential role in creating their abstract works.

The artist has received several awards and honorable mentions with TIFA, APA, IPA, Prix de le Photographie, Paris, FAPA and several solo and group exhibitions in London, Prague, Monaco, Zurich and Milan.