Margaret Asatrian


About the artist:

Armenian visual artist, abstract painter.

I was born in Yerevan, in a family of an artist.

Growing up in art environment and inspired by my father’s work, I started painting at a very young age and haven’t ceased ever since.

Having accomplished my art formation at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts where I studied academic painting and drawing, I began working as an independent artist.

 I’ve been experimenting with different techniques and seeking my own ways of expression in recent  years and finally came to abstraction that reflects my nature the best.

In my artworks I combine soft, pastel shades with glowing spots which make an interesting contrast and enrich the piece with unique vibration.

Technically I prefer liquid , transparent   brushstrokes applied over already existing layers. They create an effect of half-hidden, veiled details.

 Apart from my  pieces realized with oil on canvas I use as well other mediums such as oil pastels, gouache, watercolor, chinese   ink   and acrylic paints on paper. I believe that a frequent change of materials and artwork dimensions brings with itself new challenges and helps to develop artist’s technical skills.

Normally , I commence A new piece by intuitive, spontaneous brushstrokes which are similar to the first breath of the painting. After that, it seems like the art piece lives it’s own life and suggests the future process of creation. 

By the means of abstract, ambiguous forms, lines and color I try to transmit my emotions to the canvas, and thus enter into a specific dialogue with a viewer. 

In my opinion, a true piece of art is  born when the artist frees himself from every boundary at the moment of creation and stays loyal to his own understanding and perception of art.