Mariya Gorbunova


About the artist:


My name is Maria. I am an artist, originally coming from Russia and currently living in West Flanders, Belgium. In the last couple of years my media of choice are oil and canvas, but I also like to work as a performer or work with digital media.

For several years spent in Moscow I was predominantly a performance artist. In a year 2015 I attended Gogol-School in Moscow – there is a Gogol-Center in Moscow. Here also is a very prominent theater, modern and provocative, under tutelage and management of a great director and writer Cyrill Serebryannikov. 

A year before I studied in a School of Modern Arts – associated with Moscow Museum of Modern Art: Free Workshop. We attended a wonderful course of contemporary photography, of a history of performance. During this course I started to work on my first performances – sometimes they were the best answers to challenging tests of this course.  For me contemporary art is the way of looking at the reality and making sense of the psychological and social problem that I can observe in modern society. 

And of course in my art i try to tell about an experience what i am living through in my family in a small northern city beyond the Arctic Circle in Russia during the nineties and the beginning of the two thousandth. 

I am interested in topic of boundaries in different contexts of reality. The theme of intercultural boundaries, the theme of borders between different cultures and theme of personal boundaries.


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Intrusion (rus.VNEDRENIE) Moscow, 2014

Dreaming in metro