Maury Grimm


About the artist:

My interest in painting is generally towards fiction. 

Collective fictions govern the meaning making of the subject in the world. It is how we relate to the narratives and stories told to define ourselves. Though painting as a process might have some similarities with writing, as both start to enact the process with a blank, white page, it must be underlined that painting has its own specific performativity. 

I see pictorial space as a possibility to create fictions, painting as a container to tell the stories and understand our collective ones. It might be abstract, as mental images govern my thoughts, as it is a sort of abstract machine to create meanings, override them every now and then. 

Color is the way to find a path on the road. On the mental map, which one has as a guidance. Then painting becomes an object. Destined to travel and to be seen.

Maury Grimm 

Briesestr. 19 

12053 Berlin