Michael Mihangel


About the artist:

These wonderfully light-hearted figurative paintings are based on drawing observations of the largely unguarded moments of people over very recent years with all the paintings been created during 2020 and 2021. It is fabulous to have a fascination in observation and a confidence in using drawing as a tool to transform exciting sketches into lively and colourful engaging paintings.

As well as been an artist, I also teach Art to young people a day or two a week. I see my art as an insight into the present as well as the future where hopefully the dominant beliefs of humans will embrace the mental and spiritual benefits of world religions, a super investment in the highest quality education for children world-wide, environmental reform that benefits world nature, a more equal distribution of wealth and capitalist systems that help support rather than control.

As a response to the Covid-19 Crisis will more people be working from home? This might blossom into a town centre café culture boom as workers escape their home environment and seek more social and creative spaces to work with the intention of developing their careers and preserving a healthy well-being too. Will the future of city centres also accommodate rows of galleries and small independent creative industries? And will town planners and developers turn more of our built up urban spaces into spaces of beauty? With this aesthetic and identity in mind; these paintings study body language that is taken from its original context and then placed in modern minimalistic interiors with a mixture of realistic landscape and spiritualistic views and effects across the top of the

canvas’, which indicate an importance in preserving and enjoying our planet and the human race. The painted compositions act as a celebration of empathy, education, kindness and curiosity in their vocabulary of colour, their changing of narratives and process of drawing and application of paint.

As a painter I love the process of painting in its stumbling and clambering and then moments of overwhelming clarity. I connect with the work of other artists, philosophers, designers and architects throughout history and I am heavily influenced by the tactile nature of textiles and these influences translate into meaningful applied layers, beautiful colours and an array of textures that fill my paintings. Since been a young art student I have received praise for my figure drawing and painting. Consequently, after recently making a focused attempt on my own art practice, the figure in space and environment has been the main ingredient of my exploration, incorporating feeling and interpretation with the intention of re- presenting new opportunities and futures that offer calmness, harmony and dignity.

I hope that you enjoy my peaceful artwork and the most upto date versions of my work can be seen on: www.instagram.com/michaelmihangel/ and more information can be seen on my website: www.michaelmihangel.co.uk.

Michael Mihangel. July 30th 2021.

Each painting comes with an Authentication Slip, a Business Card and a Hand Written Commentary on the Story Behind the Painting.