For me everyday life has a unique richness, the problems that arise through it, the utensils we use to live, simple things that become interesting when we change their context and turn them into art objects.


About the artist:

Natalia Gleason, of Mexican nationality, was born in Mexico City on December 15, 1968. She obtained her Bachelor's degree as a Graphic Designer, but her true passion is art and related expressions (i.e., photography). She is a conceptual artist that has developed her skills both through formal technical courses and autodidactic day to day experiences.

Natalia's main artworks are pottery and vitreous enamel on metal, of which she has participated in contests and exhibitions in galleries and museums. As stated by her: "Art is an extension of myself. I am fortunate of having the chance of sharing with persons all over the world what I am and my experiences through my artwork.